The “TRUSTMESTUDIO” project was founded in Saint Petersburg by a team of three artists - Artur Vasilyev, Maho Gvilia and Mikhail Pashkulsky.

#000000 - this is the exact number representing the color black in the additive system of mixing colors RGB (red, green, blue). Black, the most basic and, at the same time, complicated color, is the color with which the history of TRUSTME studio began. It was a black hoodie - the most basic and universal clothing item besides a t-shirt on probably all five continents - which was the clothing item that started it all for the brand. 

Later on, the group of artists came up with an image of a skull. Every skull is hand-painted on each hoodie. It took the team of TRUSTME studio several months to produce a special type of paint that would create an effect of a cracked image, which would turn their bold idea into reality. The skull image always varies on each clothing item. None of them will ever be identical, because it is impossible to predict how exactly the paint will be layered around the temple area of the skull, or how it will spread around the forehead. 

The philosophy of the brand lies behind the idea of the uniqueness of each item created: almost everything is handmade from the beginning, every item has its own serial number, and every skull is hand-painted.